Capturing a great dad’s first Father’s Day photograph
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26 June 2014
By Tamara's Photography
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I was invited by Baby Sensory Sutton to attend their Special Father’s Day session as their photographer and capture some special moments of mum and dad with their little ones. This special session took place at the Wallington Scout Hall.

Since most babies were parents' first child, it was indeed a very special day for the dads.  What better way to start the day with a sensory session?

Suzie who is running the Banstead, Sutton and Carshalton classes had prepared parents I would be there to take natural shots during the session but would also bring a studio set up and lots of parents took advantage of the white backdrop and studio lights being there. Some parents even arrived early to make sure they could catch me.

I think I am slowly getting known in the Baby Sensory community as it’s a class I attended with my two girls and its one that is close to my heart. It’s one of those classes that every baby will enjoy. Those who want to snuggle up with mum and dad, those that just take everything in their stride and cannot help but smile when experiencing yet another sensation and those that are ready to explore no matter how young they are.

Take this little girl for instance, she is still tiny but has so much personality! She doesn’t just sit there with mum and dad, oh no she wants to have the full experience and doesn’t miss a thing. As soon as mum and dad got her back onto their laps off she goes exploring. Managed to photograph her with her dad in action however and capture a great dad’s first Father’s Day photograph. I also managed to get her to sit still for a second or two in my studio and took a few lovely family photographs.

And here is one of the smiliest baby's in the class.

And of course every class should have a bit of a clown (or two!), you give them a bucket to use as a drum and what happens…yes it ends up on their head for a game of peek-a-boo. Think dad set the example on this occasion though!


All babies have one thing in common however which is that they all go home tired after an exciting fun hour. Think in this instance it may have been the dads who went home a bit tired too as Suzie gave them a bit of a workout during the session. Hats off to all the dads, they all took it in their stride and did the best they could to join in with this very special family event.

So I had a great time photographing all the dad with their babies, but no class is complete without some bubbles!

Suzie thanks for a lovely morning! And of course all mums and dads for being such good sports and great subjects to photograph!


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