About Tamara

Hi, I'am Tamara van der Velden, thank you for visiting my website.

I have been a professional photographer, specialising in pregnancy and newborn imagery, coming up to 10 years. I believe that photography plays an important part in capturing history and so I provide portraiture of all stages of live, starting at the very beginning. I work throughout Surrey and London, providing photographic portraiture either at my studio in Epsom, Surrey on location or in client’s homes. I take classic images that stand the test of time with many of my clients coming back over and over again to capture special memories of their pregnancy and new arrivals. I am very proud to say that recently one of my newborn images featured in Vogue (July 2014).

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I came to the UK over 20 years ago and worked in the financial services industry until I fell pregnant with my first child and felt inspired to turn my lifelong passion for photography into a business. Now as well as raising three children my photography business is continuing to grow as more and more people discover the benefits of having a professional photographer capture the very earliest moments of their children’s lives.

Raised as an only child by a single mum, my love of photography came from the fact that as there was no money for a camera I have very few pictures of when I was a baby – so I know how important it is to capture those early years.

I often get asked why I chose to specialise in maternity and newborn photography. When I was expecting my eldest daughter I wanted to capture this very special time but found that I just looked overweight instead of pregnant in my holiday snaps. I was attracted to the way professional photographers particularly in the US capture this time but I couldn’t find any photographers in the UK doing quite the same thing.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for any woman. It took me seven or eight months to get used to my new shape but I knew I wanted something more than just my (quite bad) memory and some bad holiday snaps to remember it by. I finally booked in for my bump shoot – just in time as it turns out because my baby decided to arrive 10 days early – and although I think the photos weren’t quite what I had in mind, my girls love looking at the mysterious bump. It helps them understand where they have come from.

With newborn and baby photography, there is definitely an art to it. Newborns have red, jaundiced and dry flaky skin - but that’s not how us mums remember them! Not only that but it can be such an overwhelming time – nursing, changing and looking after a helpless little one takes more than you ever imagined. Before you know it they are three months old and you have only managed to take hundreds of photos on your phone which are far from print quality.

I have grown so much as photographer in both theses areas, I’ve developed my own clear style and think I can help new mums create beautiful images which will last a lifetime.

Find out more about my prices and products, read testimonials from my clients, or contact me today to book a session.

I love to work with like-minded businesses, and I have several displays throughout Surrey. I am currently working with Nork GP Clinic in Banstead. If you have a business or know of one that would be interested in working with me, please give me a call to discuss ideas for displaying my work. I will donate photography for the business in exchange for distributing business cards or other promo material to the related clients. The possibilities are endless.

Please call the studio on 07989 948946 or email me  contact@tamarasphotography.co.uk for more information.