Baby Sensory class in Epsom certainly heightened my senses!
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21 June 2014
By Tamara's Photography
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Had my annual kick of Baby Sensory and although I don’t go anymore with my own two by now toddlers, I still think it’s one of the best baby classes around. It’s amazing to see how much the little ones and let’s not forget the mummies get out of a class. I attended the Easter Special which was full of yummy tasty food, colours, textures and lovely smells of mint and hot cross buns. It certainly heightened my senses!

Not surprisingly I have been able to capture lot of smiles, frowns, giggles, big exploring eyes and pensive thoughtful faces. I have tried to capture some of those special, perhaps first moments, when a baby get to taste a lemon or gets tickled with a feather. Some love it, some hate it but either way the class is a great way to find out what your little one is in to as well as to meet some lovely mummies. It has been well documented that babies learn from each other and you can certainly see that in action during the class. It’s a great way to socialise with your baby. If you haven’t tried a Baby Sensory Class with your little on yet, do visit their Facebook page here and book yourself a taster. Not only so you get the benefit of all that Baby Sensory has to offer but you also get £25 off any session booked with me, Tamara’s Photography.

Baby Sensory Babies Photographed in action by Tamara's Photography
Baby Sensory Babies Photographed in action by Tamara's Photography

All the Baby Sensory mums who attended the classes on Monday can download the images for free. Just email me with your email address and session time and I will email you the link. I hope I have captured some special moments of you and your little one doing what you do best, having fun and exploring the world of Baby Sensory together.

Of course don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook page to get all my latest offers and I look forward to see you all again very soon, perhaps in the studio or on location.



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