5 Reasons Sitter Sessions are Great for Parents and Baby
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07 June 2018
By Tamara's Photography
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I am launching a new type of session to capture a new milestone in your baby's first year. They are called Sitter Session and are designed to showcase your child's new skill - sitting unassisted for at least several minutes! They are perfect for babies approximately 6-10 months old or when your baby can sit securely on their own but are not on the move yet.

It's a great time to come to the studio with them as at this age your baby will have developed their own personality with great expressions. They smile easily, they giggle and have got the most gorgeous chubby legs. Why not have a look at my sitters gallery.

During a sitter session I will aim to capture all the expressions that make your baby who they are and and cover as many poses as your baby will let me!

I only offer these session during the week and are usually around 25 minutes long. I aim to schedule them just after your little one's morning nap and before lunch! If your little one is coming up to 6 months, here are 5 reasons to book your session now.

Sitting up is definitely a milestone that needs celebrating. Although I may still take some photos with your baby laying down, once your baby can sit it gives us much more variety. And does your baby not look different now they can sit up!

It's worth photographing your baby before they discover the full use of their legs and keep running off! There is no bribing involved (yet) and no playing chase. At this age they tend to be very easy to entertain and getting those adorable smiles are easily achieved with a simple game of peek-a-boo!

A sitter session can be done in about 25 minutes, which means it's not costly to get some up-to-date professional photographs of your baby. Have a look at my pricing for these all inclusive sessions. And because I am just photographing your baby, you don't have to get worried about getting ready so you can just schedule it in as easy as a playdate! It’s a win for parents, and babies.

We all know that kids can go through a shy stage. When your baby is at the sitter stage, they are so much easier to connect with and likely to smile at everyone who pays them a bit of attention or plays a game with them.

Lets be honest, babies around 6-10 months are just plain adorable with their chubby little arms and legs, and those big round eyes. This is a time in your babies life you will want preserved. The grandparents will be pleased with some new recent photo too.

So there it is! Five reasons why you should book a sitters session for your 6-10 months old baby. If you would like to see further details on this session or check my availability please get in touch.

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