10 Hot Reasons To Book A Boudoir Shoot
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11 January 2016
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Boudoir photography is a fun and empowering experience for women who are transitioning in life. The intimate boudoir shoot is perfect for brides to be, and women celebrating a special wedding anniversary, or who are regaining their body confidence and identity after motherhood, marriage and other transformative life events.

Here are 10 hot reasons why every woman should book a boudoir photography shoot with Tamara’s Photography today:

1. Go Pro
Most people have experimented with selfie style photography at some time or other. Do-it-yourself photos can be a hit and miss affair that knocks your confidence. Having a professional boudoir photo shoot is a fun and uplifting experience that also guarantees that you will look amazing in your photographs.
“As a professional boudoir photographer I know every trick in the book! You can relax whilst I put you in flattering poses that enhance your natural beauty”.


2. The Wow Factor
It takes confidence to show off your physical beauty. Tamara’s boudoir photography combines artistic direction with creative lighting to produce a genuine Wow! result. Whether you achieve your wow moment by looking good naked or flaunting your curves in sexy, flattering lingerie is up to you.
“I use lighting to ensure each boudoir photograph captures your unique beauty to perfection”.

3. Liberation
Celebrating the body beautiful is a liberating experience. When you shed your clothes and reveal gorgeous lingerie, or your natural nude curves, you are stepping into your womanly power. Once you reveal the stunning real you in front of the camera your life is transformed.
“Boudoir is a special experience that creates a joyous feeling that doesn’t disappear. You can recall it like a special day.”

4. Dress Up
Women love to get dressed up for a special occasion. For sophistication wear a sexy outfit. To give the boudoir photographs a touch of fun opt for cute, girlie pyjamas. Tamara’s boudoir photographs are a record of how gorgeous and stunning you look, however you choose to dress up.
“Have fun and play with a variety of pretty feminine lingerie and outfits.”

5. Perfection
Putting off a boudoir photo shoot because: a) you’ve just had a baby b) you want to lose weight c) you need cosmetic surgery d) a hundred and one other excuses, is never a good idea. A boudoir photography shoot boosts your body confidence, whatever your shape, size and weight, and makes you feel like a Goddess.
“Women are never happy with their body until they step in front of the camera during a boudoir photography shoot!”


6. The Ideal Gift
Not only is a boudoir photography shoot an empowering experience for you, but the photographs are also the ideal gift for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé or partner. What could be better than giving your loved one a little piece of hot and sexy you, arranged in a beautiful album?
“Boudoir photographs are the perfect gift choice for your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé or partner.”

7. Celebrate In Style
Celebrating a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary or special occasion in style just got easier. If you are celebrating a divorce Tamara’s boudoir photographs are just what you need to launch the confident new you.
“If you’re feeling nervous and need moral support, bring a female friend along to your boudoir shoot. You’re likely to inspire her to book her own boudoir session.”


8. Special Attention
Giving yourself extra special attention makes you feel your very best. After your boudoir photography shoot why not organise a night out to celebrate the confident and vibrant new you?
“I recommend that you have your make-up and hair professionally applied and styled on the day of your boudoir shoot.”


9. Show Off
A confident, daring woman is always highly admired so take the opportunity to flaunt your fabulous figure to the max. As Gok Wan would say: You CAN look good naked!
“Boudoir is about feeling sexy and empowered. Showing your photographs to friends is a confidence boost in itself.”


10. Be Who You Want To Be
The boudoir experience let’s you explore your femininity and sensuality however you like. You could be a pin-up girl, a femme fatale or the demure girl-next-door.
“You have a rare opportunity to see yourself differently. My camera captures every moment of your special experience.”

If you would like to book a boudoir session, or have any questions, please get in touch and email me at [email protected]. For more information about the Boudoir experience please click here.