Maternity photo shoot at 38 weeks with Robyn from ....
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23 July 2014
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Maternity photography

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When Robyn (pictured above, and below) got in touch with me for her maternity photo shoot she was already 37 weeks pregnant, so I had to fit her around my bookings and slotted her in earlier than normal at 8.30am one morning.

I was so touched by the way she had approached me, the shoot was a gift from her husband and in her own words “he understands how specific I am about look/feel, rather than book me in with a specific studio he has promised me a budget to allow me free rein to choose my preferred photographer”.

Robyn went on to say that she like the look/feel of my work - black & white, chic, tastefully posed and well composed. She also really liked the contrast I create in my maternity images. Now how could I say no after such an introduction!


So after a nice warming up image of both her and her husband’s hands placed on her bump in the shape of a heart we moved on to some beautiful shots of the two of them together. They received a series of them.


I always tell my mums (to be) to bring some items of personal meaning and Robyn brought her scan photo as well as her pregnancy test and a little soft toy sheep that was given to her. We used all of them to create some fun shots. The pregnancy test was a first but it so reminded me of myself as I still have the pregnancy test of both my girls in their keepsake boxes and thought it was a brilliant idea.


I have been told that Robyn loves her shoes and these were her wedding shoes…amazing! And I think this is the perfect pregnancy pose to show off those shoes.

Robyn and her husband are both thrilled with the images and I look forward to seeing them with their newborn baby soon.

I particularly love the images from this session because it  represents the reason why I became a maternity photographer. I like to work with my studio light to emphasize the lines of a pregnant body to create these beautiful images. My aim is to create an image for women while pregnant which they are proud of and will form part of their everlasting memory of their pregnancy.

I still meet too many pregnant women who would like to do a professional maternity shoot but are put off by the fact they haven’t got used to their new shape. Often I meet them with their newborn baby and they tell me they regret not having capture this unique time in their lives.

While I completely understand not all pregnant women feel like they are blooming – it took me a good seven months to get used to my ballooning body – I am so pleased I have these memories of both my pregnancies. I often look through them with my two girls and they love seeing the ‘mysterious’ photos of when they were inside me.

For a maternity photo shoot, I advise you to book your session for about 4 weeks (34 -36 weeks pregnant) before your due date to avoid disappointment if the little one decides to arrive slightly early.

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