My Photography Workshops for Parents (to be)

So you have a fancy DSLR camera...

Did you, like many other proud mother and dads, buy yourself a fancy new DSLR to capture beautiful photos of your baby's growing up? Did you imagine taking the most precious pictures of your little one – photos that you’d frame, and hang on your walls, and that other people would ooh and ahh over.

…only to be frustrated when that vision completely failed to eventuate. Then join my workshop which is designed to help other mums and dads master their cameras and take the kind of memory-making photos you’ve always dreamed of.

Get the tools to make the most of your DSLR or Bridge camera. Get more confident with your camera, and learn how to create those beautifully composed images. 

My workshop is designed with parents in mind, so in addition to understanding your camera you will also receive lots of practical tips to photograph your children whatever their capture and create those memorable moments that matter the most.

Next Workshop will be scheduled once the lock-down has ended.

This workshop is perfect for any mum or dad, whatever the age of your child! Or if you are expecting and would love to capture those special moments of your child growing up with beautiful, well composed photos. Learn how to do it well and join me for a three hour intense course, incl. one hour practical - only £105

My workshop are run in small groups 3-5 people maximum to make sure I can give each participant help where needed. However if you rather have my full undivided attention, I also offer one-to-one workshops which are £325. For these I usually come to your house so that we can practice in your home environment. This also gives you the added bonus of having some nice images of your family by the end of the workshop.

What will you learn?


All about your camera - Understand what all those buttons are for and how to make them work to your advantage. How to create those lovely blurred backgrounds

Working with available light - Learn to work with the light available to you and make it your best friend, no flash in sight

Creative composition - You will learn how to be creative with your compositions and how to best capture your child, whatever their age


And the best thing yet, at the end of the workshop you receive a full set of notes covering all that has been introduced in the session so there is no need to distract yourself with taking notes during the workshop.

Joanna from North Holmwood attended the last workshop; "Thank you very much for having us on Sunday. The course was really helpful and it has given me lots to think about. Also have a new found respect for photographers! It is a complex job! I've enjoyed practising a little bit on my camera & iPhone..I am still very much a beginner but I am more aware of light, catch-lights & points of interest now.. It's amazing how much you managed to squeeze into 3 hours!"

  • Have you bough yourself a fancy camera to take gorgeous photographs of your kids, but have found that your shots aren’t living up to your expectations,
  • Are you completely confused by all the bells and whistles on your camera (think: shutter speed, aperture, manual focus) so you end up just sticking to the auto settings,
  • And are you frustrated when our photos end up blurry, dark, unfocused… 

To improve your skills, why not join me on my next workshop.

Email me now to book your place!