Image Format & Retouching

All digital images are supplied as high resolution digital JPEGS, optimised for 8x10, 7x5 or panoramic printing, depending on the image. However, the images are of very good quality and can be printed in any size (keeping the original ration in mind). Purchased images can be downloaded online or I can put them on a personalised USB stickdisk for you for £50.

Minor edits are included in the price of any of my packages, this includes:

  • Professional edits, such as lighting, colour adjustments and sharpening
  • Cropping images to printing size
  • Removal of minor skin marks such as scratches, spots, milk spots, moles/freckles, minor birth marks and minor stretch marks upon request at the time of the session
  • Skin-smoother, natural looking smooth skin tones

More extensive editing can be provided upon request, this could include:

  • Editing out of bra straps or other items of clothing
  • Removal of dark area's under the eyes or blurring of wrinkles
  • Removal of any scars or larger and more obvious birth and stretch marks, as well as some minor skin marks in difficult to edit places e.g. dirty eyes and noses
  • Teeth whitening

These type of edits are typically £15-£20 per image.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive your edited images in your online gallery. If you require them sooner I can provide a fast editing service whereby you would receive your images within 7 days. The cost for this service is £50. If you require this service please let me know at the time of booking.