A baby bump bowl casting is a unique and special way to capture that fleeting moment in time that is your pregnancy.

Once your beautiful baby has arrived and your bump has gone it will be missed and what better way to capture this time in your life than creating an amazing bump cast. By literally taking a cast of your ‘bump’ during pregnancy, a shaped ‘bowl’ is created a perfect record of what your pregnancy bump really looked like...after all it was your baby’s first home and deserves to be remembered.

Bump casting is a safe, simple process which involves laying wet plaster bandages all over the pregnancy bump. This cast will show th shape of your belly but won't show any details of the finer details of your skin.

The best time to create a belly bump cast is from around 37 weeks (earlier in the case of twin or multiple pregnancies).

The bump cast can be left as is or we can being work smoothing, plastering and painting – it is your choice.

  • Raw plaster bandage bump bowl- £95
  • Smoothed deluxe bump bow, cast smoothed and painted 1 colour - £145

Then when your little one has arrived, bring them along to my studio for their newborn photography session and see how they fit into your baby bump bowl cast! It’s a fun and unique way to tie in your pregnancy and baby’s birth, and a way of getting stunning newborn photos of your baby which incorporate a very personal photo prop. Read about my experience of using my own bump cast while taking photos of my newborn baby here.

Special newborn photo shoot offer for 'bump bowl' clients - Newborn minishoot including five digital images of your baby in your plaster bowl £199.