Sensual boudoir photography is considered to be an art form, and has been around since the invention of the camera. Contemporary boudoir photographs range from sexy shots to tasteful and evocative nudes. Artistic direction and creative lighting allows for a personalised expression of femininity that reflects each woman’s individual elegance, beauty and style.

Women deserve to be the centre of attention, and intimate boudoir photography ensures that every woman is the star of the show. The boudoir session is all about having fun and exploring your femininity and sensuality. This confidence boosting experience is perfect for women of all ages, shapes and sizes and is a great way to celebrate being a woman.

My boudoir photography shoots are a private and relaxed experience that allows you to be yourself:
• Discover the true essence of your femininity
• Show off your renewed confidence in front of the camera
• Let go of the ‘mother’, ‘career woman’, ‘housewife’, ‘cook’ and ‘cleaner’ labels and step into your own magnificent feminine power
• Enjoy an empowering experience

“Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future.” – Seneca

Studio or Location?
My studio or location boudoir photography shoots are a fun, personalised experience that will make you feel amazingly empowered. The boudoir session takes place in a private setting so that you feel completely comfortable in your surroundings.

What you wear to display your womanly charms is entirely up to you. You may choose to show off your curves in beautiful, figure flattering lingerie or decide to go tastefully nude. Boudoir photography is an empowering and liberating experience, no matter what you opt to wear. The boudoir photography shoot is all about you and what you want to do.

Women wishing to express their sensuality and sexuality in lavish or personalised surroundings can opt for the location boudoir experience. The boudoir photography shoot takes place in the location of your choice – your home, a hotel suite or other special place. Or, if you prefer, you can book a studio boudoir shoot. This is all about your beauty – there are no distracting backgrounds, just a tasteful black or white backdrop. This boudoir session is great if you’re looking to create photographs that are more artistic.

The Boudoir Experience
When you book a boudoir photography session with me you can expect a personalised service that prioritises your needs. As a highly experienced photographer of women I know how to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. I offer bridal boudoir photography, pin-up, fine-art nude, boudoir makeover portraits and pregnancy portraits. The boudoir shoot is all about you and what you want it to be: it can be sensual, provocative, soft and girlie, vintage or fine-art nude.

• You will receive a lingerie education guide to help you choose the perfect outfit for your boudoir photography shoot
• You will feel at complete ease, and I will direct you to explore artistic poses you are comfortable with
• You’ll have a fun time getting to know another side of your personality

Your boudoir photographs are images you will feel proud to own, and something special to look at whenever you’re not feeling so good about yourself.

To further enhance your boudoir photography experience I recommend that you book yourself an optional professional makeover and hair styling appointment. You can try out different looks to discover the perfect style that highlights your best features.
If you’re looking for a unique experience gift for someone special boudoir photography gift vouchers are available.

If you need more convincing that a boudoir photography session is for you, why not read my 10 hot reasons for a boudoir photoshoot and book yourself in now.

Are you ready to book your boudoir session, or have any questions, please get in touch and email me at [email protected].