Baby Casts

In addition to my photography services, I also provide 3D Hand and Foot Casts, 2D Raised Impressions as well as Clay Impressions and Family Casts for newborns, babies, children and adults. They are the perfect keepsake and make great gifts beautifully displayed alone or with one of the photographs taken during your session.

"I wanted to let you know that I really love my hand and foot cast! I kept it in the kitchen so I get to look at it everyday. It's funny that her fingers and toes are bent in it, it's her little way. She still does that now and looking back at pictures of her at a couple weeks old she was doing it then." Joanne from Morden

3D Cast Pricing

  • 1 hand or foot cast £55
  • 2 hand and/or foot casts £95
  • 4 hand and/or foot casts £180

2D Raised Impression Pricing

  • 1 hand or foot impression £45
  • 2 hand and/or foot impressions £80 (one tile or two)
  • 4 hand and/or foot impressions £160 (one tile or two)

Clay Impressions Pricing

  • 1 hand or foot impression £25
  • 2 hand and/or foot impressions £45 (one tile or two)
  • 4 hand and/or foot impressions £85 (one tile or two)

Please note: There is an additional charge of £5 per 3D cast for babies older than 4 weeks and £5 per impression for babies older than 6 months; £10 per cast/impression for children older than 12 months and £15 per impression/cast for children older than 2 years. Casts take approximately three to four weeks to dry and paint. This can be longer for larger impressions.


All casts are hand-painted with various finishes available (other colours may be available upon request) and secured in a frame of your choice. Frames (mandatory) and name tags (optional) are available at an additional cost and start from £53 and £15 respectively.


Many of my clients wish to have a professional photo taken to accompany their framed casts. I have now added this to my services and will offer a 5 minute photo shoot to all casting clients who wish to have a photo framed with their casts. You van review the photos on the day and pick your favorite print for the frame at an additional cost of £50.

Family Casting

I also offer family casting, cost vary from £180 - £400 depending on the number of family members involved and complexity of the cast. Amazing family casts can be done, please have a look at my Pinterest page for inspiration or contact me for more information.

I look forward to creating lots of lovely keepsakes for new parents, combining amazing newborn and baby photography with detailed hand and foot casts.

To book your cast please email me at or use my website form.