When you are having your newborn photographed will very much depend on how you feel and the end result you would like.

Studio Photography

If you are after the real newborn sleepy curled up look, with the use of some props like baskets, bucket, nests, see my newborn photo gallery you will need to have your session in the studio ideally within 10 days of your baby being born or due date. After ten days babies are a little harder to settle, sleep lighter and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up. Please contact me while you are pregnant so I make a tentative booking and contact me as soon as your baby has been born to arrange a suitable time and day for your session.

"Thank you so much for capturing the wonderful pictures of my family. The images remind me of how lucky I am. I cried going through them." Salma

If your baby is now older than 10 day but you still want to capture some of that newborn look, do get in touch because there are many other factors playing a role in creating those sleepy curled up newborn look, for instance your baby may have been premature...

Generally speaking however, sleepy newborn poses are no longer possible once your baby is older than 10 days, as they tend to wake more quickly when touched and won't allow to be "put into a pose" anymore. However you can still get some beautiful photos at this stage, as they start having their first smiles from 6 weeks and you can start seeing a small flicker of recognition in your baby's eye when they see you or hear your voice.

Why not have a look at my blog where I discuss the early days of babies aged 6-8 week old or go straight to my Early Days Gallery so you know what you can expect...lots of big eyes, occasional yawn and smile but certainly lots and lots of cuteness.

Therefore I would say, DO come and see me in the studio even if your baby is already 4,6 or 8 weeks.

And remember when booking your baby shoot, I also do beautiful 3D and 2D Baby Hand and Foot Casts.

Lifestyle Photography (at home)

However if you prefer to have the photos taken in your own home environment, you have a bit longer as I don't wait for the baby to sleep, so this session can be done at any point during your little ones first year, but I recommend at least within 2 months of your baby being born. I don't take my studio lights with me but instead use natural light to photograph you and your newborn baby. For examples of images taken at home, please peruse my natural light newborn photo gallery.

And remember when booking your newborn shoot, I also do beautiful 3D and 2D Baby Hand and Foot Casts!

The best times for baby photography for the remainder of their first year coincide with their milestones:

  • Around 3 months when they are really good at tummy time
  • Around 6 months when they can sit up unaided
  • Around 9 months when they start to crawl/shuffle and also catch their feet
  • Around 1 year to celebrate the first birthday with a cake smash

It pays to book your first year photo sessions together as you get £25 off every additional package you purchase and £50 off from the 4th session onwards.

I also have Gift Certificates which are a very popular gift at baby showers. If this may be of interest or would like to book a session, please get in touch and email me at