Baby's First Year

When to have your baby professionally photographed? New mums and dads used to make a trip to the photo studio when their little one was around 3-months old. There is a good reason for this as 3-month old babies take lovely photos. Not only have mum and dad a routine established but also all the hard work they have put into their little bundle of joy is finally starting to pay off as your baby will have started smiling lots. Your baby will now also be able to hold their head while lying on their tummy which make for lovely photos.

Newborn photography is reasonably new and has only been around for a few years, however many mums don't realise to get those adorable sleepy newborn baby photos they need to book their trip to the studio while they are pregnant as it need to take place within 10 day's of giving birth.

However if your baby is now older than 10 days but you still want to capture some of the newborn look, you can still have some lovely photos taken. Why not have a look at my blog where I discuss the early days of babies aged 6-8 week old or go straight to my Early Days Gallery to see what you can expect.

The best times for baby photography for the remainder of their first year coincide with their milestones:

  • Around 3 months when they are really good at tummy time
  • Around 6 months when they can sit up unaided
  • Around 9 months when they start to crawl/shuffle, but also catch their feet
  • Around 12 month to celebrate their first very special birthday, with a cake smash

A cake smash is a very popular option and some examples of this messy fun can be found at in my cake smash and birthday's photo gallery.

"I love them.... Ella looks so natural and you can see she really enjoyed herself." Victoria from Kingswood

So it really depends on you and the end result you're after. Of course you can always do a couple of sessions to capture the first year of your baby growing up. I offer £25 discount on any additional session booked. If this may be of interest or would like to book a session, please get in touch and email me at [email protected].

In the meantime please have a look at my studio baby photo gallery or natural light on location baby photo gallery.